Squirrel Nest Removal NJ

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Squirrel Nest Removal NJ

SolarCare Solutions can easily provide squirrel nest removal in NJ if your solar panel system or roof has been effected by squirrels, pigeons or even raccoons.  Taking care of this issue with a licensed pest abatement and solar panel technician is the best route if you are dealing with pests nesting on your roof or in the area of solar panels.  The resulting damage can prove to be much more costly- especially if damage is done to wiring and other elements.

Call SolarCare Solutions today to assist with pest abatement and solar repairs and solar panel cleaning.


squirrel nest removal NJ

Squirrels Can Wreak Havoc On Your Solar Panel System & Property!

Avoid Major Fire Hazards

Leaves, sticks and other dry materials can get stuck under panels especially when birds and squirrels make nests. Avoid fire hazards and call us today!

Prevent Damage To Wiring

Squirrels can chew on wires in the solar panels system.  This causes major damage to your system leading to the need for massive repairs.

Save Money & Improve Efficiency

The end result in dealing with any pest related issue affecting your solar panel system is that you’ll see reduced utility bills and better energy production.

Nest Removal & Pest Guard Installation In New Jersey

There are many reasons to stay on top of any pest situation that arises when it comes to your solar panel system. Birds and squirrels can build their nests in the solar panel area which can easily become a huge hazard to your home or property. 

In order to prevent a fire hazard and keep your solar panels running efficiently it’s crucial to hire the right contractor to help.  SolarCare Solutions is New Jersey’s leading company to deal with pest abatement, squirrel or bird nest removal and installation of squirrel guards.  Hiring us can save you a lot of problems down the line and cut down on utility costs where pest issues have caused lags in energy efficiency.

Reach out to us when you can to learn more about squirrel nest removal in NJ and hire SolarCare Solutions!

squirrel nest removal services Oak Ridge NJ

Squirrel Nest Removal By SolarCare Solutions Of Oak Ridge NJ

Licensed Contractors

It’s important to hire licensed solar repair contractors for your pest abatement and squirrel nest removal

Improve Efficiency Of System

Removing squirrel nests, installing a pest guard and cleaning bird droppings off of panels improves efficiency

Highly Trained & Rated

We are highly trained and highly rated too! Just check out our Google Business Listing here to see how much clients love us!

You're In Good Hands With SolarCare Solutions For Squirrel Nest Removal In NJ.

Reach out to us today for help with any pest related issues. Our team will gladly help and assist you in any way that we can.

For squirrel nest removal in NJ – trust SolarCare Solutions.