Signs You Need A Solar Panel Repair

Signs You Need A Solar Panel Repair

Are you wondering about the signs you need a solar panel repair?  Many people have invested in solar panels to supply electricity for their home or business, many to save money while others want to use clean energy options that are eco-friendly. They save people on their electric bills, one huge motivator, and they last an average of 25 to 30 years. 

Solar panels can be quite durable. They degrade on average 0.5% per year, which means after ten years, your solar panels will operate with 90% efficiency, which isn’t bad. Your solar panels are made from sturdy materials that withstand the elements, including sun, rain, snow, and wind. If you regularly clean them, they should work better and last much longer, so it’s important to plan it as a routine part of maintaining your home or business.

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There Are Many Signs To Watch Out For

There are many signs that your solar panels need repair or even replacement. If you clean them regularly, as you should, you can examine them to see how they’re faring and if anything needs to be done to restore them to their original quality. Here are just some of the things to look for:

Signs You May Need A Solar Panel Repair

Irregular or low power output

When you got your panels installed, your solar panel provider set the average power output for the system you ordered. Certain weather conditions such as rain or wind may affect this, but if you notice your system is regularly low on its expected output, it might need repair. You can contact a solar panel repair company such as SolarCare Solutions or the manufacturer for help. You may also need a solar panel cleaning.

Broken glass casings or cracks

You can find cracks that are caused by improper handling and installation, variation in temperatures, or severe weather conditions. These things can decrease the output significantly for how much power is generated. To obtain the most efficient system, check regularly for and attend to all signs of physical wear and tear.

Inverter issues

Your system should come with a panel inverter, which turns harvested solar energy into the electricity you depend on. If it malfunctions within your system, it will render you panel all or somewhat useless. You will see red or green lights and error messages, and if so, get it repaired right away to prevent further problems and complications.

Solar panel age

Your solar panel manufacturer likely told you how long your solar panels should last, with around 20 years the average. Once you reach that age with your panels, look out more for system errors. You might need to do more maintenance with older systems to keep them working for you, or you’ll have to consider replacement of some or all of your panels.

Wiring problems

One issue with solar panel installations that some people encounter is with loose solder connections. Oxidation and corrosion could also affect wiring and other electrical conduits. If the power in your cell turns on and off when the panels is tapped, this could be a wiring problem and should be repaired immediately or replaced.


All kinds of things in your environment, from bird droppings to leaves and branches and things floating through the air could get onto your solar panels. You may even see a nest in the solar panels system that may call for squirrel nest removal.  This is why you should clean them well by hosing them to wash away the dirt and then use a degreaser or have professionals clean them. It’s advisable sometimes, depending on how high your rooftops, to let professionals do the cleaning and other repair to prevent a fall.

Burn marks and discoloration 

If your panels’ conductor strips are anywhere from dark brown to yellow, this means there is corrosion, and that can cause uneven distribution of the temperature on the surface. That can negatively affect the output of energy, reducing your systems’ efficiency and making your energy bills go up, which defeats their purpose. Checking regularly for these signs can help you to know when you need to replace or repair.

Conclusion: Signs You Need A Solar Panel Repair

If you bought your solar panels cheaply or not from a reputable manufacturer or distributor, they may have used subpar materials. Hopefully, that is not the case, but if you see any panels quickly breaking down, try to use your warranty for a replacement. Also, if your system shuts down unexpectedly, this could signal a manufacturing defect, faulty installation, or a wiring problem. So, be sure to regularly clean and monitor your solar panel system, and you should reap their benefits for many years.

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