Solar Panel Installation NJ

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Solar Panel Installation NJ

SolarCare Solutions offers solar panel installation in NJ.  Our company is located in Oak Ridge and provides solar panel installation, replacement, maintenance, cleaning and repairs.  We are New Jersey’s leading company and can install your system and keep it running efficiently.

Solar installers can help New Jersey homeowners in a number of ways. Whether you need your new system installed or would like to repair an existing system, we are the pros that can help.  Contact us today and learn why SolarCare Solutions is NJ’s leading solar panel installers!

solar panel installation NJ

NJ Solar Installers

We are here to help you with all of your solar panel system’s needs. That means, we can handle the following projects with ease:

Here's Why To Consider Solar Panels Today & In The Future

Solar panel installation is something more New Jersey residents and businesses are considering.  Why wouldn’t you want to save money and help the environment at the same time? In addition, installing solar panels in your New Jersey home or business requires very little maintenance and upkeep.  While the initial investment is the most significant, this form of clean energy is a great way to enhance efficiency, reduce costs and support environmental causes.


solar panel installation NJ

Home & Business Panel Removal & Reinstallation

Removing and re-installing solar panels is a big job that only professional solar contractors should undertake. Being up on your roof and attempting to perform something such as a solar panel reinstallation by yourself is a very unwise thing to do. Not only are you dealing with heavy materials on the roof of your property,  but you are dealing with other aspects of the reinstallation process which are often complicated and need to be done right – the first time.

SolarCare Solutions is a New Jersey solar repair, installation, maintenance and cleaning contractor. This is what we specialize in and can help you install solar panel at your New Jersey home or business residence.

NJ Solar Installation - FAQs

Installing solar panels should always be done by professional solar installers such as SolarCare Solutions. We install solar panels using the proper tools, equipment and techniques any professional solar panel installer would implement.

We will need to access your roof but we will come prepared with all the tools and ladders to make the new panel installation easy and seamless. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to us if you need help installing panels. Never go at it alone and be sure contact SolarCare Solutions for all of your New Jersey solar installation needs.

SolarCare Solutions provides solar panel installation at very competitive pricing.  Please contact us today if you are wondering more about the price of installing solar panels.  It varies and there are a number of factors that determine cost, however we can offer you a free quote on any service so you have a better idea of pricing.

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