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Solar Panel Cleaning NJ

SolarCare Solutions offers solar panel cleaning in NJ to help reduce energy costs and improve upon the overall efficiency of solar panel systems.  Our proprietary solar panel system cleaning techniques ensure that you’re getting the most out of solar panels.

Just like a car or truck needs regular oil changes, your solar panel system needs regular washing and cleaning by professionals. This will ensure that they are functioning at a high level and producing energy as they should be.  Trust our NJ solar panel contractors for cleaning and maintenance today!

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NJ Residential & Commercial Solar Cleaning Professionals

Our company provides both residential and commercial solar cleaning services to New Jersey businesses and individuals in the Tri-State Area.  Our services ensure your solar panel system is operating at full capacity. Here are some of the benefits of choosing us:

Choose SolarCare Solutions For Solar Panel Cleaning In NJ

SolarCare Solutions is a team of experienced solar panel cleaning contractors with a corporate office in Oakridge, New Jersey. When it comes to your solar panel system, we have the team and technologies to address any issues you may be facing.  With a combined 50+ years in the area of solar cleaning and washing, our team can handle any job you have. Whether you need residential panel cleaning, commercial cleaning or industrial services, we can assist in a number of ways.

Solar Panel Cleaning NJ - FAQs

When you get your solar panels cleaned, we at SolarCare Solutions use a special solution that will not leave a heavy residue as soaps can so that your panels are squeaky clean and aren’t damaged by the build-up of environmental substances that can decrease or even destroy their efficiency. We use special tools and licensed contractors who have been specially trained to know how to clean and wash your solar panels. We can either clean them in place or take them down, depending on needs and the specific situation, and then we use our equipment and tools and solutions to give them each a thorough cleaning, ensuring that we do not add any additional scratches or scrapes or additional things that decrease their efficiency.

If you live in New Jersey or anywhere in the Tri-State Area and need to have your solar panels professionally cleaned, call us at SolarCare Solutions. With a wide range of services, we look forward to helping you with your next project to get your solar panels cleaned so that they‘ll keep saving you money for years to come. 

We can inspect your system and provide updated pricing so you can know all that is involved and what must be done to get your system in shape and up and running. 

For a residential job or commercial, it depends on how many panels and if they’ll need to be removed first and then replaced or if they’ll be washed in place. It could be as little as a few hours, but it could stretch into days depending on what is involved. We will give you a detailed estimate of what we have to do and how long it should take once we get to your property and assess what is involved. Rest assured though that when you hired an experienced company like Solar Care Solutions, we are able to quickly tell you what is wrong and schedule a time to fix it because we do this so often, it doesn’t take us long to figure out any problems that could be impeding your system from working properly and then get to work to fixing it so you can realize all the benefits you wish to have with your solar panel system. 

When you hire SolarCare Solutions LLC, we come to clean your solar panels with a special solution that is free from soap. This way, harsh chemicals won’t eat away at the surface of your solar panel. It’s important to ensure they remain free from harmful solutions that can damage them. That’s why we use the best available cleaning solutions to ensure you get the best job done without lasting harmful effects that won’t leave behind residue and gives you a truly clean finish. 

No. When you hire SolarCare Solutions for a solar panel cleaning, we will not use a pressure washer. They’re good for many things, but cleaning solar panels is not one of them. They are too powerful to clean the delicate panels safely and can scratch and damage them, thereby destroying them. If solar panels are dirty, it’s best to use the professional services of SolarCare Solutions LLC who uses special non-soap cleaning solutions and a non-abrasive sponge to make sure each one is cleaned right. We will not use a water pressure that is too much for your panels to ensure they won’t be damaged. We at SolarCare Solutions take great care of you and your panels. 

No. To do solar panel cleaning, one needs the proper licensing and insurance and to be bonded as a solar panel cleaner. We at SolarCare Solutions LLC are licensed to do solar panel cleaning for residential and commercial customers. We can furnish proof of our licensure and legal ability to offer solar panel cleaning services upon request. If you’re considering hiring any company to do your solar panel cleaning or repair, make sure to ask if they’re licensed and insured, and if they will not give up this information freely for you to inspect, you’d best not hire them because they may be doing business fraudulently for some reason and you won’t be sure to get the best job done. 

Solar panels should typically be cleaned every six months to a year to maintain their productivity, efficiency, and effectiveness. The area where you live and the levels of dirt, pollen, and pollution, could affect this and you may need to clean more often. We at SolarCare Solutions or the manufacturer can tell you how long you should wait, but if you’re in New Jersey or the Tri-State area, we are very experienced with knowing how long between cleanings is appropriate in your area so that you can ensure you are cleaning them effectively as frequently as they need without overdoing it and risking damaging them from over-cleaning. 

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