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Power Washing Solar Panels NJ - SolarCare Solutions

SolarCare Solutions is a team of NJ solar panel contractors that offers power washing of solar panels in NJ.  Our solar panel cleaning company can help you get the most out of solar panels by keeping them clean and well maintained.

SolarCare Solutions understands every homeowner has invested their hard-earned money in their solar energy system. What many homeowners don’t know is that dirty solar panels lead to inefficient energy production and higher utility bills.

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power washing solar panels NJ

Residential & Commercial Pressure Washing Of Solar Panels

We provide both residential and commercial solar panel cleaning and maintenance. No job is too small or too large.

Please take a look at our business on Google and reach out to us to set up a date and time for solar panel cleaning and pressure washing. Clean solar panels lead to highly reduced bills – so there’s no better time than now!

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If you feel your solar energy system might be wasting energy and eating up your money, give us a call today. It might be time for solar panel cleaning and you’ll certainly benefit from having one of our techs come out to assess the situation.

Properly functioning solar panels is an important aspect to cost savings. Call us today and we can assess whether or not solar panels need a thorough pressure washing.

Power Washing Solar Panels NJ - FAQs

No. We assess each customers unique needs individually and take each solar panel cleaning job on a case by case basis.  At times, power washing solar panels is necessary. However, there are cases in which we clean solar panels and the entire solar panel system in other ways and get results that are superior to pressure washing.

Depending on the system itself, the parts that need to be cleaned, and how dirty your solar panels are will determine whether or not we will power wash your solar panels or perform cleaning using an alternate method.

In any case, we will always keep you informed and explain the entire process to you so that you are fully aware and understand how we will go about cleaning solar panels.

We operate through many parts of New Jersey. For accurate information on the areas we service please reach out to SolarCare Solutions today. We are located in Oak Ridge NJ and offer service to many different areas of the state.

Solar panels may be cleaned using different tools and solutions. However, it is important to note that many over the counter solutions leave dirt and residue on solar panels, which will cause problems with efficiency of your solar panels and system.

The best method of cleaning is to hire a solar panel contractors such as SolarCare Solutions.

Many times weather conditions and other factors such as the length of time between cleanings can indicate it’s time for solar panels to be cleaned by professionals. Over time, debris and dirt can build up and create a layer of grime on solar panels. This leads to less energy production overall and higher utility bills. When you see this happen, that is also an indication that it’s time to contact a company such as SolarCare Solutions for power washing solar panels of your New Jersey property.

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