Preparing For Solar Panel Removal & Replacement

Preparing For Solar Panel Removal & Replacement

In this post, you will learn about preparing for solar panel removal & replacement. Solar power is extremely high in demand, and it’s beneficial to your home. As we know, solar panels last for a long time. However, they’re not invincible and must be subjected to some regular tender loving care. Because of that, we will walk you through the removal and replacement process. In many cases, you’ll find a repair is a simple process, but we have the information you need on things to avoid and issues that you should be aware of and may not be.

Removal Of Panels 

The panels should be removed if you have an old roof being replaced or having external damage. However, beyond that, look at your panels and the things they’ve suffered. For example, if your panels have suffered hail damage or other weather complications. Another issue for removal is if your installer or roofer won’t touch them and can’t remove them themselves or if they say they can only fix your roof if they do. 

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What that means is that you’re roof is so damaged that they’re afraid to touch it at all (in the first case, which means that you may need another company to take on the project (this is rare, but it does happen)), or in the second case, they have to take them off because of other issues. Either way, this process is more complicated, and you’ll need a roofer and your solar company.

Issues That May Occur 

There are, unfortunately, issues that can occur when you’re removing solar panels. Your solar panels should be taken seriously; one big issue is communication. If that is the case, you’ll need to find another company. Another issue that can occur is that your solar panels are no longer working at all, and you’re losing energy completely. Always ensure that the company you’ve chosen has its PV technicians up to date and knows what they’re doing. Don’t trust those that don’t, or your roof will suffer. 

Things To Consider 

One thing to consider when you’re thinking about removing and replacing solar panels is to recycle the panels. Not only will you be helping the planet, but it also will help others who may need more funds to go with brand-new ones. Another option, if you need extra funds for yourself, is to resell them. There are many places to do this and companies that can help. Some even offer options for trade-ins.

In many cases, you’ll find that these options are the best for panels. However, if all else fails and you want them to avoid ending up in landfills, offer them to the specialists. They can most likely repair them and give them back to you. That is far cheaper than getting new ones.

Never attempt to do this yourself, as you can get severely hurt. The panels are heavy, and being injured is straightforward if you’re unsure what to do. Additionally, you could damage them further on accident by attempting to do this yourself, and if you hurt them beyond repair, you’ll have to install brand-new panels. 

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Additional Things To Remember

You’ll also need to make sure that you own the panels. That is important because you need to hold them legally to avoid having issues with getting permission to replace or remove them. You won’t be allowed to do this alone; you’ll get into trouble if you attempt to. Not to mention that this process can take a while, and the longer it takes, the more damage to your roof if you’re trying to repair the damage, as well as the panels. 

Additionally, if your roof plan has changed, you must ensure that your energy production has no issues. If you have to employ a roofer and a solar company simultaneously, they must contact each other to ensure everything is clear. The more they talk and understand the situation, the easier it will be to reach your goal promptly. 

Storage Will Be Key

Storage will be necessary if the panels wait for a repair or the roof needs help. To do this, you may need to hire a service to move them. A locked garage or storage unit may be the best place for these as they can get stolen otherwise. You need to find the best position possible so that no damage is done to the items, and you know that they will be safe until you need them again. If you need clarification about storage or some good advice about the best way to do this, you should talk to the engineer at the solar company. Not only can they give you helpful tips on the process and the best place to store the panels. 

Because they are of sturdy construction, they are strong and resistant to things, but remember that they aren’t invincible. 

Information You Need To Have 

You’ll need to be prepared for several things as well. That includes the total amount of panels that you have, whether they are all together on the roof or in a separate area, the type of roof and panels being removed and replaced, the roof pitch and level of the panels (such as in a two-story home), and if your filing insurance claims and things of that nature. Upon arrival, they must see this to get started immediately and fix your issue. Remember that while the information may seem unnecessary, it will help in the long run and bring the project to a close while ensuring that everyone is safe at the same time. 

Solar Panels Are A Big Relief

Solar panels are a huge relief for the homeowners that need them, and you’ll find that getting them repaired and removed isn’t as difficult as you’d think it would be. You’ll need to communicate with your chosen solar company and ensure you’re a part of each decision. That will ensure that this process is as long as required and is done safely. Trust in their wisdom, and you’ll have a great roof soon.

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