Future Proofing Your Home with Multiple EV Chargers

Future Proofing Your Home with Multiple EV Chargers

If you’re looking into future proofing your home with multiple EV chargers, you’ve found the right post. Society is quickly transitioning to increased electric vehicle usage. Thus, the need for homes to have multiple EV chargers has increased. But EV charging will present multiple challenges in home infrastructure and cost. This is necessary to ensure that family and friends will safely take advantage of this convenience. The innovation is forcing people to think critically about the home’s electrical system. Let’s dig into what this entails, and who should safely provide their installation.

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Planning for the Charging Stations

EV chargers will place additional demands on the electricity grid. It’s first necessary to ensure that the home will meet energy needs during needed times. One electric vehicle will come with a level 1 charger. This will plug into a standard household outlet, and won’t require rewiring. In exchange, however, they charge very slowly. Level 2 chargers are more practical for recharging vehicles. But their electricity demands are higher.

There are plenty of varieties available for Level 2 chargers. But it’s not as simple as purchasing the charge and installing it. The most powerful equipment won’t do any good if the electric grid can’t handle it. This will require serious rewiring, which only a professional electrician can handle. Not to mention the need for a professional with EV charging experience for charger installation. The homeowner should not attempt to do any installing or rewiring themselves. Homeowners lack the experience necessary, and won’t take adequate safety precautions. It’s also illegal for a non-professional to attempt this in several locations.

Taking Advantage of Smart Charging Stations

There are also smart charging stations. These offer advanced features, including remote access and user authentication. They also offer energy usage tracking. These provide valuable usage data for home properties. These will make sure the charging station is used responsibly. These will make it easier for homeowners to not use too much electricity at a time.

Future Proofing Your Home with Multiple EV Chargers

Adequate EV Charging Spacing

Necessary space is also needed for EV chargers to accommodate multiple vehicles. The chargers should be placed in spaces within a convenient location for the homeowners. The professional will advise where the homeowner should best place them. This will depend on the design of the home itself. The garage is typically the best place for one, the location where EVs themselves are parked. But it’s good to keep them near the door, though not quite outside.

Making Sure the Home Will Handle Multiple EV Chargers

Most modern homes include a 200 amp service. Larger homes are made to handle electric heaters and central air conditioners. These will necessitate a 400 amp service. It’s best to have at least a 200 amp service for handling one EV charger. The home will handle more EV chargers depending on higher amp service. This is important to consider to future proof the home, and to determine its overall value.

Installing the Stations in the Home

It’s necessary to work with a licensed electrician for the installation process. This will ensure that the vehicles involved will charge safely and efficiently. Professionals will make sure the electrical grid will handle the charging for multiple days. The electrician will run the dedicated circuit from the breaker box to the planned EV charger. This won’t require as much wire if the charger and breaker are in great spots, like the garage.

The electrician will make sure the electric grid will handle multiple chargers. These will include chargers for multiple people in the home with electric vehicles. They might also be guests you have over with their own electric vehicle that needs charging. The professional electrician will determine how much power you’ll need. They’ll explain whether the house’s grid will handle multiple EV chargers or not. Even if you only have one current EV, it’s good to future proof the house.

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Future Proofing Your Home with Multiple EV Chargers

There are important steps to consider to make sure the home will handle multiple EV chargers. The first involves planning for multiple charging stations. This must be done with a professional to ensure the electrical grid will handle them. This is also the time to take advantage of smart charging stations to monitor electrical use. Adequate spacing is also needed to accommodate the multiple EV chargers. It will then be time to install the stations in the home, which requires working with a professional. These are the steps for future proofing the home with multiple EV chargers.

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