Do You Need Professional Installation for Starlink Internet?

Do You Need Professional Installation for Starlink Internet?

If you want to learn more about professional installers for Starlink Internet, You’ve in the perfect place! After reading this you will know why you need a professional installation for Starlink Internet and the price for our installing services.

Pricing For Our Installers

The services we provide are cheap and affordable. Your Starlink Internet will be set up quickly and hassle-free. We have available appointments for you year-round and you don’t need to worry about scheduling availability.  

Starlink Internet Setup

Setting up Starlink by yourself is a long and complicated process. Starlink is challenging to set up by yourself, more than other internet providers. This is why you should hire professionals. We have great prices for anyone who needs their Starlink Internet set up hassle-free. The installation kit includes everything needed for our installers to make sure the setup is done without any problems. It comes with a router, cables, a stand, and a power supply. Make sure you have everything in the kit before our installers arrive. They also have an app you can use to check the internet speed and connection status. 

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Professional Installers Make Everything Easy

Setting up Starlink Internet is best left to professionals who can ensure it is set up properly and will always maintain a strong connection. We guarantee your Internet will be set up properly and you won’t have to worry about a weak connection.

After The Setup

When our installers finish with the setup process, it will take anywheres from 5 to 20 minutes for your router to connect to the satellite. The professionals will make sure it’s working before leaving. Starlink has slower start-up speeds because it takes time to send a signal to a satellite and back. After the setup, you shouldn’t have problems with the router connecting.

If you have any questions you can always ask our professional installers for help with anything. We will answer all the questions you have and ensure your setup process is done smoothly.

Benefits of Hiring Our Installers

Starlink Internet can reach up to 300 Mbps whereas most other Internet providers can only reach 100 Mbps. This means that Starlink is one of the fastest internet providers out there and you will have no problem with slow or glitchy internet, regardless of how many devices are on the connection. Just make sure to test the internet with our installers with you to verify that there are not any issues. Our Installers will go over everything with you and make sure you are happy with our service.

Starlink Internet is also more portable than other internet services so you can move your router around your house if needed. It’s also helpful if you ever move to a new house or apartment. If you have questions feel free to ask our installers.

If the router reaches 122 degrees Fahrenheit it will automatically shut off to prevent permanent damage which saves you money. It is also unlikely because Starlink’s router is equipped with cooling capabilities and fans. Our Installers will make sure it’s working properly

Starlink is best for people who live in poor coverage areas without many options for the internet. Just go to their website and add your area to see if they cover your area. You won’t have any problems

Downsides of Starlink that our Installers can help with.

Although there are a lot of benefits for Starlink, there are also a couple of downsides. One of them is that they are more expensive than other services because of their equipment fee. Many people don’t worry about the equipment fee because it’s a one time fee and care more about the monthly cost.

Another downside is Starlink is poorly affected by weather conditions. It holds up pretty well in some weather conditions such as fog or strong winds, but can have outages or become unreliable during heavy rain or snow.  Typically speeds can reduce by 30-40% in harsh weather but will quickly return to average speed after the harsh weather is over. Our installers will make sure your internet is able to withstand the common weather in your area as well as the harsh weather seasons.

Starlink can also have issues if you’re surrounded by nature. Tall trees can interrupt the signal and may cause drops in speed or a loss of connection. Tall buildings may also have an impact in blocking the signal reaching the satellite. 

Our professional installers will ensure your internet can withstand harsh weather and won’t lose connection from tall trees or buildings. Especially during strong winds, rainstorms, and snowstorms as these are common weather conditions that can affect internet connection.

You might also see slow internet speeds from 5-10 pm because that is when most people are home using their internet. This will only happen if a lot of people in your area are using Starlink. If you have any questions about slow internet speeds, feel free to ask our installers about any questions you have. We want to ensure you are happy with your internet provider and our installation services. 

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Our Installers are Great!

Despite its downsides. Starlink is a fantastic internet provider that works best with professional installers to help you along the way. Ensuring your internet runs well and the setup process is finished quickly and hassle-free.

This internet service is great for anyone looking for high-speed reliable internet at a fair price without the need of a professional.

Our installers are best known for good customer communication and proper internet installation. Our customers love our fast setup times and availability for appointments to set up your internet.

I recommend Starlink Internet to anyone looking for affordable high-speed internet or in an area that doesn’t have great coverage from other internet providers. As well as hiring our professionals to set up the internet for you to guarantee it runs smoothly without any problems.

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