Caring for Your Solar Panels During the Winter Months

Caring for Your Solar Panels During the Winter Months

Looking to know about caring for your solar panels during the winter months? You’ve found the right post. The winter season in New Jersey can be harsh, particularly for solar panels. They might have to bear the weight of the snow for a temporary time in a rougher season. It can also be tough to perform maintenance on the solar panels in cold weather. This is why it’s important for solar panel owners to properly prepare for winter weather. Solar panels are designed to withstand harsh weather in certain climates. But extra help will go a long way here. There are tips for enhancing their performance during the season.

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Reducing Energy Usage

Solar panels will still capture sunlight for energy creation during the winter season in New Jersey. But this will become a problem when the sun is visible for less time during the winter. The sun sets earlier in the winter months compared to those during other seasons. Therefore, the solar panels will produce less energy daily. Reducing energy usage is the best way to combat a higher electricity bill.

Turning off lights and appliances while they’re not in use is one way to conserve energy. This should also be done for small appliances that aren’t being used. Another is to use more energy-efficient light bulbs. Turning down the thermostat and wearing layered clothing indoors is another way to do so. Having the home insulated in other areas will help too.

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Adjust the Angles of the Panels

The sun will be further down the southern sky during the winter months. Adjusting the solar panels will make it easier for the sun to hit them during this period. It’s good to talk to the energy company about how to adjust the panels for this purpose. Perhaps they can also do it for you, though the service may not be free. Not every solar panel is capable of being adjusted. Not to mention that doing the adjustments yourself can void warranties. This depends on the types of solar panels that were installed.

The adjusted angle will also help snowfall easier from the panels as a bonus.

Removing Heavy Snow

On that note: Snow should be cleaned off when too much of it accumulates. The winter season in New Jersey can bring large snowstorms with it. These will produce several inches of snow if they happen. It’s worse when these come with ice. A large combination of the two will put too much strain on the solar panels. It’s good to have a safe way to clear the snow off.

Snow removal isn’t much of a concern for a storm that only produces a few inches. Most solar panels will produce enough electricity to melt light dustings. Having too much snow on top of one will prevent the panel from capturing energy from sunlight. Heavy snow will also put too much stress on the mounting points of the panels.

It’s also good to be careful of the tools used to clean snow off the panels. A soft snowbrush should be used for this purpose. Using a tool that’s too hard and heavy runs a high chance of damaging the panel. Scratching the panels will harm their overall longevity. It’s also a good idea to check with the solar panel provider first. In addition to providing tips, they’ll tell you if you’ll void the warranty if you do a self-cleaning.

Insulating the Batteries

Solar panel batteries must be given special care during harsh winter months in New Jersey. They’re not equipped to deal with temperatures that are too cold. This will ensure that they’ll continue to work well. The batteries should be maintained at an appropriate and moderate temperature. The batteries should ideally be stored indoors. Good insulation is key to maintaining the health of the batteries.

Not every homeowner has the option to keep their batteries indoors during winter. In this case, carefully monitor them to make sure they maintain a moderate temperature.

The recommended discharge level for the battery should be around 50 percent. The solar panels have to work harder during the winter to keep the house warm. This means they’ll generate more battery usage. Monitor the batteries to make sure they’ll remain healthy.

Solar Panels During the Winter Months

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Caring for Your Solar Panels During the Winter Months

Solar panels must be given special care during the winter months in New Jersey. Consider reducing the energy usage in the house. This will compensate for the reduced sunlight during the season. Also adjust the angles of the panels to make sure they’ll capture enough sun during the day. Heavy snow should not remain on the panels for too long a time. Make sure to wipe it off, but do so gently to prevent damage during cleaning. The batteries should also be insulated to make sure they’ll remain healthy. Also make sure the batteries aren’t too discharged. This is how to care for your solar panels during the winter months.

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