Important Benefits Of Solar Panels Cleaning

5 Important Benefits Of Solar Panel Cleaning

In this post we will discuss the 5 important benefits of solar panel cleaning. With all the things you must do to maintain your home and property, cleaning your solar panels is probably not very high on it. Many homeowners neglect this important task because it can be time consuming and even dangerous because you have to get up on the roof to clean them or to remove them for cleaning.

Cleaning should be done regularly to get the most of your solar panel system that you spent so much to purchase and install. If you do not, your system performance will be lessened because of the layer of dirt and grime that gets on them. Then, why have them at all? If you took the time and money to invest in a solar panels, it makes sense to make their regular maintenance a higher item on your to-do list.

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5 Reasons To Clean Your Solar Panels

Better efficiency

Cleaning your panels more often will improve their efficiency sometimes dramatically, making them work better to provide the energy you rely on them for. Your energy bills should be as low as the manufacturer guarantees, and if not, there’s something wrong with how they’re functioning. It could either be a design problem, and installation issue, or they just may be dirty. The grime blocks the sun from reaching them, so they won’t work as intended. That’s why cleaning is so crucial

You want your warranty

Many companies that do solar installations and even solar panel manufacturers specify that regular cleaning is a condition of the warranty. If there is no proof of regular cleaning, your warranty may not be honored if there’s some sort of malfunction or other problem. Then, you have to buy new ones because you’ve negated the warranty, which is not a position anyone wants to be in. So, better keep them clean to qualify for warranty help in case of a malfunction or other problem.

You cannot rely on rainwater

Many homeowners mistakenly believe that rain will do enough to clean their solar panels, which is why they neglect them. During the rainy season, your panels still need regular cleaning. They require scrubbing and degreasing more than just water. That’s like just rinsing a dish compared to washing and sterilizing it; the washing and sterilizing is much better to remove any debris and get it ready for reuse. Same with a solar panel; the better cleaned they are, the better they’ll work, period.

Improved durability

Dust, sand, and debris can build up and cause wear and tear on panels, and over time, their efficiency will decrease. You may risk having equipment that fails much sooner if you don’t regularly clean you solar panels. Leaving salt and sand on the panels will eat away at the surface, permanently damaging them. That’s also why it’s so important too have them regularly maintained.

Visual appeal

For the look and resale-ability of your home, you probably don’t want aged, dirt-covered solar panels on your rooftop. Just like it’s important to maintain other parts of your home, it’s also necessary that you properly care for your solar panels, and this will make them last and look better for a much longer time. Also, when you clean them regularly, you can look at them closely to see if there is any damage or wear. If so, you can see if they can be repaired, or you may have to replace one or more. If you don’t look at them by cleaning them often, you won’t know until you have higher electric bills.

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Conclusion: Benefits Of Solar Panel Cleaning

You’ve spent a good amount of money on your solar panels and to have them installed on your roof, so you want to ensure you get the best return for the shortest amount of time. If you leave your panels dirty, this can affect your ROI time, or the amount of time you must wait to see a reward for what you spent on them. Your reason for getting them, likely, is to save money, so you want to do that ASAP, but if you don’t clean the panels, this will take much longer. When clean, the solar panels allow more light to reach the cells, and this gives you a better ROI as you’ll see the benefits of solar panels faster.

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